Excellent food

After years of experience and conversations with the owners of the best restaurants in Bosnia, we created a set of carefully constructed recipes of traditional Bosnian dishes that our Bosnian chefs prepare every single day.

Unique atmosphere

Designed by a Bosnian artist, Dragan Gačnik, the aesthetically perfected interior of the restaurant will make your visit to Baščaršija a unique experience. Eating delicious »čevapčiči«, drinking a cold bottle of »Sarajevsko« beer and listening to authentic Bosnian music played by Sarajevo's radio station »Stari grad«, you will definitely enjoy your stay at Baščaršija and experience Bosnian culture to its fullest.

Regional stars in Baščaršija

Because of its excellent food and enjoyable atmosphere, Baščaršija became a place to go for many famous actors, directors, singers, artists and performers from the region.